銆€Zhejiang Aopeng Industry and Trading Co., Ltd is located in the China town of Hot Springs 鈥?Wuyi City, Zhejiang Province. 

Our company was founded in 2000. Now we have more than 500 employees, and cover an area of 50,000 square meters. The annual sales value amounts to more than USD 8 million, and increases by 20% on average these years. 

Specializing in the manufacture of aluminum step / industrial ladders, steel ladders, stainless steel ladders, operation platforms and clothes dryers, we have more than 10 varieties and 130 specifications of products. These products are widely used in construction, hotels, supermarkets, house appliances, orchards and enterprises. 

All these products are popular both at home and abroad. Our products have TUV/GS certificates, and some of our ladders meet ANSI standards.


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